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Christ Church Clifton is planning a major refurbishment to create a more flexible, more accessible building. We are creating a place for everyone living and working in the parish community to use all day every day.

Phase 1 is now complete and involved the opening of “The Spire” Coffee Shop within the main worship space. We are now turning our attention to Phase 2 – a complete refurbishment of The Crypt – which will include a new entrance on Clifton Down, additional community space, new kitchen and toilets, and updated décor and facilities.


The project is called RENEWCHRISTCHURCH. Click on the round buttons below to find out more.

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The vision to improve the church building and to open it more to the local community has moved on to Phase 2. Click the button above to see what we are aiming to do in Phase 2 and in the future.

An extensive and comprehensive consultation about the needs of the church was undertaken within the church community in 2015. This consultation is currently being updated. Click the button above to see the 2015 consultation document.

In the words of Archbishop Temple, the church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members. Christ Church takes that seriously and is getting to know its parish. Click the button above to see our early study.

Architects and designers have been collaborating with the church team to create a project that is both practical and elegant. Click the button above to see current progress on the scheme.

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